About the Book

What you see in the map above you is a dream made real, a fantasy world that has lived in my imagination for more than twenty years. Like the rising tide, unstoppable and unending, it has soaked me and buoyed me up and carried me atop it, floating, in a way I did not think possible.

The first drafts were written as a young writer, filled with far more enthusiasm than talent. Over the years, as I learned my craft, I massaged it, shaped it, sweated over it, bled, cried, and laughed until at last it will be released to readers. I’ve written a three book series, which will be revised and polished until each jewel shines, and then released into the world. And when it is finished, another trilogy in the same world waits in the wings.

The first book, and the name of the series, is The King’s Champion. Within its pages, you will find a sun-dappled realm of castles and forgotten knights, of brothers in arms, and absent parents, slain by love and by madness. Here, the Land is made sacred by the Power within it, and the Law rules the hearts of the people. Or at least it will, if our intrepid heroes succeed in their quest. In their destiny.

Behold, the door opens. The light shines. And the adventure begins …


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