About the Author

Xina Marie Uhl spends her days laboring in obscurity as a freelance writer for various educational projects and dreaming of ways to scrounge up enough cash to: 1. travel the world, and 2. add to her increasing menagerie of dogs, cats, and other creatures. The rest of the time she writes humorous titles such as The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior¬†and A Fairy Tail and Out of the Bag, fantasy like Necropolis, The Ruling Elite and Other Stories, and quirky romantic historicals like Whiter Pastures and All Mouth and No Trousers (to come)

Currently, she’s working on a humorous historical romance called Lady Law and the Texas DeRangers, and the second and third books in The King’s Champion series.

She maintains a blog at xuwriter.wordpress.com, a Facebook author page, and a Twitter account.

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